Payroll Executive | Jobs in Dubai, UAE by Novo Cinemas

Payroll Functions:

• To facilitate the payroll process on a day to day basis using the HRIS (Adrenalin System).

• Upload the planned roster for the current month.

• Upload the employee changes of shift

• Update the employee bank details

• To check and verify the attendance regularization request

• To facilitate the Final payroll process using the HRIS (Adrenalin System).

• Upload the actual roster for those custom shifts in the system

• Check the attendance report and send to Cinema to verify and rectify the absences

• Upload the absences under manual deduction

• Upload OT hours or any adjustment for the salary (additions or deductions)

• Run pay process for every transaction related to payroll- such as salary adjustment, employee changed, bank details, MOL/ WPS, Visa change

• Generate the company salary register report to check the generated salaries for all employees

• Processed data SIF

• Confirm process

Medical Reimbursement:

• Processing Medical Claims/Reimbursements when required by liaising with Finance and HR Team member.

Business Trip Processing:

• Arranging flight details & Hotel accommodation for those employees who will be going on a business trip, checking the per diem allowance entitlement. Process the Business Trip Form- getting all the approvals, send it to Finance for payment preparation then encoding it to the system.

Directly Communicating Travel Agencies:

• Arranging the Air Tickets for all – traveling on annual leave, cancellation employees and newly hired staff.

• Arranging hotel accommodations- newly hired staff.

• Arranging Visas.

• Preparing payment sheet for all Tickets, Hotel & Visa issued /expense (endorsing it to Procurement and Finance).

• 2-4 years of related experience.

• Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Human Resource, Business Administration and related field.

• Strong HR and support orientation skills

• Strong knowledge in HR Database Management Systems, i.e. Adrenalin System.

• Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communications skills

• Candidate must be a self-starter and independent, yet function as an integral part of a team

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