[5 Tips] To Get An Aviation Job During Covid-19

Friends today I am gonna discuss the five tips to get an aviation job during covid-19. In this article, I’m going to share with you five tips to give you a competitive advantage to secure a job during this challenging situation.

Hello everyone, I am Paresh Baidya, founder of Aviation Dreamer. Every day, we can see in the news that the airlines or any aviation-related companies are laying off staff pay cuts, unpaid leave, and it is as if everything is crashing down.

After read this article about five tips to get an aviation job during covid-19, you will learn powerful strategies to ensure that you have an age over other candidates.

aviation job during covid

5 Tips to Get an Aviation Job During Covid-19

Tips No 1 

Get out of your comfort zone; always look for a job in your home country first. Because as a local, you will be given priority and job security over foreign candidates. However, in this current covet 19 pandemics, we also know that may not be possible as even the locals are being laid off. You must be willing to relocate if there are any opportunities overseas.

I have worked overseas myself, and trust me; the experience is very rewarding and fulfilling; whether it’s a local or an overseas job, you can’t just apply via email or phone calls. But you must get out of your comfort zone to visit the office or even fly to the office overseas, of course, after the lockdown.

Do you think that I know all my visitors initially when I first started aviationdreamer.com or looking for a job last time? That’s exactly what I did, and I took the effort to go to the office to find out who’s in charge to present myself. Maybe you can say that I’m lucky. But to me, there’s no such thing as luck, but I always make sure that I’m in the right place at the right time.

You can also apply for a non-related role first; for example, if you’re a pilot, try flight ops or even a cabin crew just like what I did last time, or if you are cabin crew, you can apply for an instructor role or any role that is most related to your experience important thing is you want to get in the system first when the position that you want is finally available do you think the company will give priority to internal staff or an external candidate you have an advantage here.

Tips No 2

We all heard of this thing is who you know and not what you know. The best way to start is to first look around for any job opportunity among people closest to your network. This could be your friends exclaim customers and so on, but you can’t keep asking people for jobs. Expect them to give you what you want.

It would be best if you offered them value; I mean, what value do you bring to the table, such as helping them make more money, save them costs, or make their organization more efficient. I am not talking about stuff like buying them free lunch. But if these people are in a position or have the ability to hire people, do you think they are looking for free lunch obviously, no?

For example, while I was applying for my pilot job last time, the captain wanted his son to be a pilot. Since he’s busy flying, I compiled a list of flying schools and their pricing to make his decision-making and life easier today. We are good friends, and he even referred many pilots to me in all my recruitment.

Let me remind you that you need to be patient as sometimes you may or may not get any favor back immediately since it takes time. But you have to be genuine. I mean, people can feel it. I’m sure you have the feeling before if a person gets in touch with you genuinely or has some intention behind their back. How many times have you experienced a friend asking out for coffee only to find out that?

He has something to sell you regardless of whether you are getting any favor or not. Make sure you maintain the relationship the world is round, and even though someone may not be necessary to you today, you never know in the future if you need any help from that person.

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Tips No 3

Be professional when you apply for a job. Make sure you put your name and other information. Just keep your cv short and just put all the relevant experience related to the job.

Typically a two-pager cv is good enough summarizing all your experience and qualifications to keep your application small in size.

Make sure you follow the format of the key, and if you don’t know what that is! Yup, it is. Please keep it simple stupid following only apply for the position. If you meet the requirements, the last thing you want is to piece the recruiter to review your cv to find out that you don’t meet the minimum requirements. You may risk them blacklisting you.

All they want is to make sure someone can do the job and fit into their job culture. Be humble, and have candidates who tell us that their father is a minister or even the king of Timbuktu. You know what? We don’t give a damn and can’t be bothered. Also, if you want to send an application, make sure you send them individually and not cc every company in your email.

If not, you give them the impression that you don’t care about them and apply to every single job available out there. Don’t forget to ensure that you do not make any unnecessary requests. For example, if they ask you to attend an interview on a particular date, time and venue, say yes; you are not the only one applying. Your job is to make their life easy, and if you are lucky enough to get an interview, please avoid any negativity. I mean, don’t talk wrong about your airline management is cutting your salary laying you off, but since they are not flying, all their aircraft is stuck on the ground, they got no choice.But they need to cut costs for them to survive.

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Tips No 4

Why use agencies? Let me explain when a particular company successfully hires you, they get a commission, and it is in their interest to push your application forward. Think about it they are like your personal secretary working for you and pushing hard for your application to go through.

Of course, you can apply yourself, but with so many applicants it is very competitive, and your application may not have the priority or worse not being seen at all as a recruiter we always receive tons of application, and one way to give you age is to get yourself noticed that’s right you may have all the experience and a perfect candidate, but if nobody knows you it is as good as useless so how do you get people to notice you among all the thousands of candidates,

You can start by commenting on our youtube, instagram, Facebook to introduce yourself to us; for those who want to deposit your resume with us, make sure you check out the link below and send us your applications to update you on the latest job opportunities.

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Tips No 5

Be proactive; what do I mean by being proactive? It means that you must actively search for jobs even though you may think there are currently no jobs available right now in the market.

Hey, a job doesn’t show up from the sky right or start; you can check out our website at www.aviationdreamer.com, linkedin or do your research online to see if any companies are open for applications.

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Even you can use this time as well to learn many new skills. I mean, there are a lot of cabin crew courses online to strengthen your profile. Finally, with all the knowledge that you learned today, you need to take action as knowledge alone is not enough remembered action plus knowledge.

So, friends, those are my five tips to get an aviation job during covid-19. I hope these tips will help you to find the best aviation job in this pandemic situation.

If you have any more queries related to aviation jobs, please comment below or contact me on my social platform. Thank you.

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