Advisor to the President at College of the North Atlantic – Qatar – Doha

College of the North Atlantic – Qatar Profile:

The beautiful and culturally progressive State of Qatar is home to a robust TVET higher education institution, College of the North Atlantic – Qatar (CNA-Q). Established to meet the ambitious and visionary goals of the State of Qatar, CNA-Q is a partnership between the State of Qatar and the College of the North Atlantic in Canada. CNA-Q, a national technical college, fills the State’s need for graduates who have applied technical training in their fields of study.

The state-of-the-art campus hosts around 600 staff and 3000 students. CNA-Q is the third largest post-secondary institution in Qatar, offering 34 advanced diploma, diploma, and certificate programs in a range of technical areas including Business Management, Information Technology, Engineering Technology, Industrial Trades, Health Sciences, and General Education. In September 2020, the College started offering its first Applied Bachelor Programs, which provide a high-quality mix of theory and applied analytical vocational and occupational skills and competences, coupled with career-oriented, practical education and training. Since CNA-Q’s inception, the College has graduated thousands of alumni who are proudly contributing to a knowledge-based economy!

Job Profile:

The College of the North Atlantic – Qatar is inviting applications for the position of Advisor to the President in the President’s Office. Reporting to the President, the Advisor must be proven leader with the skills and expertise necessary to support the President’s Office in fully implementing the College’s vision and mission.

Duties and Responsibilities:     

This position requires a robust individual who can provide advice to the President, and facilitate decision making processes, in alignment with the applicable laws and regulations, Qatar’s Vision, and the College’s objectives. He/she will work closely with the President to organize and conduct high-level meetings, including the Board of Trustees, management staff, and other stakeholders, for internal, external and strategic purposes.

The successful candidate will provide strategic and operational advice to the President on the overall direction of the College, to foster progress as per its mandate, strategy and strategic plan, while ensuring that the President’s short-term and long-term objectives are met. He/she will also conduct extensive research and compile report findings, as required by the President.

The incumbent of this position will review and implement strategies to support the President’s vision to enhance internal communications at the College, by drafting correspondence on behalf of the Office of the President, and collaborating with Business Units across the College to ensure consistency and efficiency.

The successful candidate will coordinate the development of speeches for the President’s speaking engagements, and review the material to be drafted on behalf of the President including annual reports, partner correspondence, program overviews and narratives.

The incumbent of this position will represent and support the President in internal and external meetings, committees, engagements, trips and telephonic conversations, as appropriate. He/she will transcribe meeting minutes, coordinate subsequent tasks, follow-up on action items, and contribute to strategic prioritization of tasks, initiatives and projects requiring the President’s participation.

The successful candidate will handle inquiries and other complex responsibilities as delegated by the President, including special project management. He/she will participate in or keep track of the work of key task forces related to College-wide initiatives, contributing to the President’s vision and functions.

The successful candidate will contribute to maintaining and further augmenting the reputation of the President’s Office, through professional, timely and respectful internal and external interactions.

The incumbent of this position will also perform other duties, as required by the President.

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