Business Development Specialist | Jobs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by Silah

• Analyzing and expanding business operations toward sustained growth.

• Monitoring revenue streams and identifying opportunities to increase profitability.

• Evaluating and improving sales, marketing, and branding strategies.

• Identifying and developing new lines of business based on consumer behavior.

• Performing competitor analysis toward obtaining an increased market share.

• Developing client relationships and strengthening industry partnerships.

• Identifying new clients by researching and creating networking opportunities.

• Negotiating and closing business deals that promote sustained revenue.

• Liaising with Sales, Marketing, and Management to align strategies aimed at increasing revenue.

• Assessing and advising on potential joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions.


• Based in Riyadh.

• Bachelor’s degree in Business, IT or relevant field.

• A minimum of 1 years’ proven experience in a similar role.

• Strong knowledge and experience.

• Strong communication skills.

Silah offers a robust suite of distributed workforce solutions and outsourced capabilities, including Telework Management Services, Time Tracking & Productivity Management Software, SaaS-based talent management platforms, e-Learning Solutions and a wide range of HR consulting & services.

Our Talent Management Services and platforms enable talent acquisition, development and measurement in a totally virtual environment. And, because of our ability to recruit without boundaries and train 100% virtually through our SaaS-based e-Learning platform, Silah increases operational efficiencies and improves speed to competency.

Founded in 2013, Silah has become one of the most trusted and leading Telework Service Provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Silah helps companies to be able to manage remote workers just as if they were in the same office, maintaining a high level of productivity when working remotely, Dramatically reduce cost and improve the time spent on productive activities.

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