Can I Get a Job with an Online Security Certificate?

For those interested in online security positions, getting an online security certificate can be a great career move. The career opportunities can vary from one field to another.  However, with the online security certificate, a graduate will  have no problems finding employment within the field of security. There are a wide range of jobs available for the right person. The key is having the best work experience and a certification that goes along with the career of choice. There are also many security certificate positions to choose as a graduate. Here are a few options.

Online Security Certificate Job options

A student who has an interest in cybersecurity would be a great candidate if their resume also comes with a security certificate from an accredited program. Many people who have cyber security jobs with a certificate have better chances for advancement within the field. This includes managerial positions or advanced skill operators for higher career opportunities. For those interested in a concentration or focus in Cybersecurity, then click this link. 

The importance of Online Security Certificates and degrees

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Another great career choice for someone who earned an online security certificate is applying their skills and knowledge learned toward a Homeland Security job. Many individuals with this career path, will receive a specialization in security. An example of this specialization is the Homeland Security certificate from an accredited program. Many will wonder, “What jobs can you get with a homeland security certificate?” The answer to this question will surprise anyone, since there are many workplaces that may require the homeland security degree or certification. Government agencies, such as the Department of Defense, Federal Bureau Investigation, and FEMA are common career options. However, both private and public sectors of public safety/service organizations may request this type of online security certificate as well. Here is a link to learn more of Homeland Security degree programs

Other Possible Security Jobs

In addition to the security jobs above, there are other areas for employment for graduate students of an online security certificate. This may be with a network security company.  Or, an IT corporation. The Network Security certificate jobs are often found within the IT department of an agency, corporation, or business. In fact, at some schools it is called an IT security degree or certificate. Network Security positions tend to require that the candidate have knowledge in IT training.  This may include computer software knowledge, infrastructure training, and security engineering.

 A network security certificate program teaches students how to analyze network communication protocols, including how to install firewalls, data encryption, and anti-virus software. Common knowledge of forensic tools and techniques may also be part of the curriculum. With all these skills of communication technology and IT knowledge, a graduate of the Network Security Certificate will definitely become a great candidate for any IT corporation. To learn more on Network Security Certificates and degree, check out this link. 

There are a variety of employment opportunities with a network security certificate. They may include Computer Network Defense Analyst, Network Defense Infrastructure Support advocate, Computer Network Support Specialist, or a Computer Network Administrator.  Other possibilities for network security positions include a Penetration Tester, Red Team Technician, and Systems Administrator. However, the job options are not limited to these. 

What’s in an Online Security Certificate anyway?

Once you know what your career goal is, then getting the right certificate or degree is next. A basic online security certificate provides a vast amount of career opportunities. Students will study topics like counterterrorism, access control, surveillance, and cybersecurity, to name a few. Some field work is often part of the program in terms of an internship or required work experience to graduate. Other areas taught in a security degree or certification program are security management, security countermeasures, and international procedures. Many programs often provide state-of-the-art technology to maximize the student’s learning abilities. It may also help them develop their creative talent through innovation and collaboration with co-workers and classmates.

Often the field work is extensive, taught by some of the top industry professionals in the field. Students will graduate with the skills and knowledge of becoming the one of the best security professionals in the Nation. In fact, Security certification programs are the most sought out among undergraduates and working professionals. With security a high priority in many aspects of today’s life, it is no surprise that the online security certificate is one of the fastest growing programs students enroll in. To get a bigger picture of what is an online security degree program, click the link. 

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