CBSE Board Result Class 12th And Class 10th 2020

CBSE Class 10th Result
CBSE Class 12th Result

cbse logoFinally! the moment that you have been waiting for the whole year is here. I know, at this point of time your heart must be pounding like anything. No matter how good your board exams went, you still can’t stop the butterflies in your stomach knowing that it’s’ your CBSE board result day.

The whole team of wishes you all the best for your exam result.

And stop being nervous, because your nervousness is not going to make your result any better. So, prepare yourself to embrace whatever the result is (which I am sure will be good).

All the students who appeared for board exams this year, they can check their result below i.e the students of class 12th and the students of class 10th can check their result here.

CBSE Board 12th Result 2020 Roll No. wise @

Each year lakhs of students enroll for CBSE intermediate or class 12th, and unfortunately many out of those students fail to get through Intermediates. But, the good thing is that the passing ratio in CBSE class 12th is better than the failing one. This means that your chances of passing are more than failing. So, just chill and check out your result. You can also go for official website in order to check your result if announced.

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Steps To Check CBSE 12th result 2020 Roll no. wise

Follow the below mentioned steps to check your result online:-

  1. Firstly, you will need to click on the green button given below.
  2. Once you do click on the button, then you will be directed to the official page of CBSE results.
  3. There you will need to Enter your roll no. as per the admit card and DOB to check your result.
  4. If the information that you entered i.e roll no. and DOB you entered is right, then you will be able to see your result.

Please note that the result page may take time to load, therefore, students need to stay calm and have patience.

CBSE Board 10th result 2020 Roll No. wise @

class 10th has always been a tough stage for students, no matter how easy or convenient CBSE makes it, but students will always take it as a big deal. Your nervousness is understandable, as the CBSE 10th board result is going to be declared.

You can also check your result directly from official CBSE website

The CBSE compartment Result for class 10th will be declared on 3rd week of August.

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How to Check CBSE 10th Result 2020

  1. Click on the button given below.
  2. A new tab will open in your browser which will be the official result page of CBSE.
  3. Feed the roll no. you want to check the result for.
  4. Once you enter the correct roll no. then your result will be displayed to you.

All the students are requested to have patience as the result page may take time to load due to slow server speed.

How To Get CBSE Board Result 2020 From Official website?

For those of you who want to check their result from the official website of CBSE, follow these steps:-

  1. Type in your browser the address of the official website which is
  2. In the home page of the official website look for the option “result” (bottom right).
  3. You will be directed to the result page of CBSE, you can directly visit this page by typing in the address in your browser.
  4. Choose the class you want to see the result for.
  5. In a new page enter your roll no. and date of birth (if asked), and click on “submit”.
  6. If the entered details are correct, then you will be able to see your result.
  7. You can take a print out of the result, but it will not be considered as the original mark sheet. The original mark sheet will be issued by your school after 7 to 8 weeks of result declaration. Private candidates will get the mark sheet on the address they mentioned while filling the form.

You can check your result from the original CBSE website following the above-mentioned steps. But, why to go through so much trouble when you can get your result right here, right now!

Check Result Now

Like I have already mentioned that it may take time for your result to display, as lakhs of other students will be searching for the same. Therefore all the students are requested to have patience, as the result will be displayed eventually.

Previous Year Stats Of Class X

In the year 2016 around 1.3 million students enrolled in class 10th, and almost every student made it through as the overall passing percentage last year was approx 97.30 (though it was better in 2015 with 98.85%).

Girls are always a step ahead of boys, and these are not mere words. Each year girls do better than boys in board exams which can be seen in the stats. In the year 2016, the passing percentage of girls was 97.80% (approx), whereas the passing percentage for boys was 96.95% (approx).

CBSE Class 10th Pass Percentage

And not just 2015, girls, as I said, have always been 1 step ahead of boys for the past few years. Have a look at the stats (counting from 2014 to 2016) and you will know what I am saying.

# Failed In Class 10th – What To Do?

I Hope this has not happened to you, but if you are reading this paragraph, then I assume that you fail or you are thinking that you will fail.

First of all, let me clear one thing to you, life is not just about failing or passing in the exam. Even great achievers have failed in their school life. And, you should be glad that it happened to you when you are in class 10th, as it is not going to affect your future when you will go for a job.

I know you must be terrified by thinking about your parents, and other people. Screw others, they will keep on talking, and as far as your parents are concerned, of course, they will be mad at you, but that does not mean that they will stop loving you.

So, stop thinking about what you did in the past, just try to focus on your future moves.

Your Next Move

First, you need to stop thinking about what had happened and it’s consequences. Try to make a goal for yourself and keep your mind fixated on it, this will help you to get through this tough time.

Improvement/Compartment/Supplementary – Another Chance

Earlier students who failed in just 1 subject were given the opportunity of the compartment, in which students get another chance to pass and save his/her year.

But, now CBSE has made it really very simple. You can even appear for all the 5 subjects in the compartment. The exams of the compartment are held in the month of July and August.

This is the second opportunity for you, so if you do not want to go through the same experience again, then you better work hard this time.

About CBSE Board

CBSE board conducts the exam for class 12th all over India. There are three main domains of CBSE, namely, CBSE All India (AI), CBSE Delhi region, and CBSE foreign.

The exam and the result of each domain are held separately. There are a number of schools outside India that are affiliated by CBSE and they all come under its foreign domain. Delhi is the only part of the country that has the special domain of itself. The exams held for Delhi regions are bit tougher than all India exams.

The main domain of CBSE is all India, as all the states (except Delhi) falls under this domain. Following is the list of states that falls under All Indian (AI) domain of CBSE.

  1. CBSE Covered States Names state wise
  2. Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, Puducherry, Daman Diu, Andaman Nicobar, Nagar Haveli, Assam, Nagaland, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Dadar, Panchkula, Chandigarh, Jammu Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Patna, Chattisgarh, Orissa, Bhubaneswar, West Bengal, Guwahati, Rajasthan,Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Punjab, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Bihar, Allahabad, North, Haryana, Chennai, Ajmer.

CBSE 12th Previous Year Result Statistics – Boys Vs Girls

In the year 2016, almost 1 million students enrolled and appeared for the board exams of 12th class, and you will be amazed to know that the overall passing percentage for 2016 was 84% approx. Though this number was slightly lower than the year 2015, as the passing percentage, that year was 82.69% approx.

There was a time in India when girls were not allowed to study, who would have thought that girls are actually better than boys when it comes to academic studies. To justify my statement, here are last three year statistics (counting from 2014 to 2016) of total passed students in 12th (boys Vs girls).

CBSE Class 12th pass percentage

As the stats are suggesting, girls have always been dominant for past 3 years. Where on one hand boys are just tumbling in 70’s, there on the other hand girls never come below 80’s. This ultimately shows that in the school life girls are better than boys.

# Failed in 12th class – what should I do?

God forbid! may this never happen to you. But, if you are reading this part then I assume that you are already in pain, or you are expecting it.

Know one thing that failing is a part of life, an important part in fact. One whohase never failed can never achieve true success. So, take it as a lesson and embrace it, you failed not because you were not worth passing, but you did not put enough efforts.

Maybe this is not a bad thing, maybe the destiny wanted you to fail, so that you study not just to pass but to pass with good marks along with knowledge and wisdom. So, stop whining and start thinking what you are going to do next.

What To Do Next?

First of all, for GOD sake don’t do anything reckless. Accept your failure and then move on, this is the only way to deal with situations right now.

Compartment – 2nd chance

If you fail in 1 of the 5 main subjects, then you still got a chance to make it through class 12th. CBSE gives the facility of the compartment(Re-exam/Supplementary) to those students who are failed in just 1 or 2 subjects (condition apply).

You have to apply for the compartment paper. The exams for the compartment papers are usually held in the month of July and August. The difficulty level of compartment papers has always been a subject of debate, as one can never say if the papers are going to be tougher than the regular board exams or easier.

But, since this will be your second chance, therefore, you should keep yourself prepared for the worst.

Regular admission 

If you fail in more than 2 subjects, then sadly you have no choice but to repeat the class 12th again. There are two ways of doing so.

Either you can go for regular schooling, or you can go for private schooling. In regular schooling you will have to keep your studies going as you did this year, i.e you will need to go to school regularly.

Then you will appear for the board exams as a regular candidate next year. In your final mark sheet, you will be marked as a regular candidate, and for your Information, regular board marksheet has greater value than private and open board marksheet.

So, I would suggest that if you can, then you ought to go for a regular board.

Private Board – 2nd Best

This option originally is for those students, who due to some reasons will not be able to go to school regularly, but usually, students who fail in 12th once, opt for this board. I know it will be hard for you to face school again, therefore private board is your best option to avoid school besides studying for 12th again.

Of course, you will need to apply for the private board by filling the form. The good thing about the private board is that, it’s exams are the same as the regular board exam i.e the exams of the private board and the regular board is held together.

So, if you don’t want to go to face school again then private is the best option for you.

Open Board

Anyone who has passed class 10th can apply for this board. It is meant for those students who can not pursue class 11th and class 12th on a regular basis. It is also known as The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).

If you are applying for this board, then let me inform you that you will have to face the syllabus of class 11th and 12th. This implies that you will have to study your 11th and 12th again, which can be a bit hard to do.

Also, the open board has lesser value as compared to the regular and private board.

These are the options available to you. And remember that failure is a chance for a new beginning, so don’t be depressed, and don’t screw it this time.

# Passed class 12th – What Next?

Congratulations! to all the students who have passed their class 12th this year. This is the most amazing feeling in the world. Whole new experience of life is waiting for you, from now on you will be free to make your choices, so make the best of it.

Ok! come down from that unicorn of yours for a while, because this is important. The printout of the internet result will not be considered as the original document, therefore, you need to collect your original marksheet from your school.

The original mark sheet will be available after 8 to 10 weeks of result declaration. So, get your original marksheet and do not forget to laminate it, and there you have one more document to support your eligibility as literate Indian.

Improvement Papers – Improve Your Marks

Looks like you are not satisfied with your marks! if so then improvement papers are definitely the way to go. You can apply for improvement in any subject except the subject that you fail in.

e.g if you had six subjects in 12th class namely physics, chemistry, maths, English, Hindi, physical education. And you fail in any one subject (say maths), but you are passed in all other subjects. Then you will be considered passed, and you can fill the improvement form for any of these subjects, but not for maths (because you fail in it).

The best part of Improvement paper is that your mark sheet will be updated only if you score more than your original marks, but if you score less than it will not be updated to your mark sheet.

So, if you think you can do better then you should definitely go for improvement paper.

Confuse! What To Do?

Should I apply for improvement exam or not? If this question is bothering you, then here is a way to figure it out.

First, think of the course or career you want to pursue after 12th. let’s assume that you are going for, now try to gather the information like, how much percentage will you require to get admission in Also, make sure that you know the minimum percentage that companies demand when you will go for placements.

So, do your research and then come to any conclusion. Don’t take it lightly, I have seen students kicking themselves after graduation for not having a good percentage on 12th mark sheet. Organizations these days keep the percentage criteria very high so as to weed out the crowd.

Future Decision

Here is a question of the millennium for you, What are you going to do next? if you are not coming up with a clear answer, then you are in some trouble. This is a very important point in your life, so you need to be clear and confident about the field in which you are going to make your career.

Choose your future studies as per your interest. I know, there are so many of you who picked the wrong subject for yourself for 11th and 12th class. So, don’t repeat this mistake again.

Know the field that you are best in, and then try to match it with the best course. Also, make sure that you do research on the future aspects of that particular field. If you are clear about what you want to do, then do it at any cost. You may have to go through the financial troubles during the course, but in the end, it will pay off.

If you want to earn just after completing your 12, you can apply for these  After 12th Jobs with great Salary Packages. So, choose your career very wisely by thinking and doing a lot of research. All the best for your future! may it shine brightly.

# Passed in class 10th – Which Stream To Choose

Congratulations to all students who have passed their class 10th. I am sure that you must be getting suggestions from everyone about what subjects you should opt for.

At this point in time, you should go with the philosophy “Listen to everyone, but follow only your heart”. Do not choose a stream just because your parents want you to choose it, you are the one who will have to live with this choice for the rest of your life and not your parents.

Your parents want the best for you, so they think in their own way, but no one can understand what your heart really wish to choose better than you. So, choose subjects that suit you the best.

Confused! What To Chose?

Don’t let your mind clouded, just be clear about what you want. Maybe these tips will help you to make a clear choice:-

Marks Does Not Matter

Just because you scored a perfect CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) does not mean that you have to pick PCM (science stream) for your future studies. Instead, think of the subject you like the most and love to study even if you have not scored well in that subject.

So, whatever your CBSE board result is, your choice should be interest based and not marks based.

Know Your Interest

If you are not sure about your interests then try to know them. It’s easy, think of the activity that you enjoy the most and then think of the stream that would support it the best.

e.g:- if you are interested in sports, then the best stream to support sports (according to me) is art’s. You will get enough time for sport’s since subjects in art stream are not that though. But, you need to believe in you. Also, it will be great if you do some research on its future scope.

Natural instinct subjects

Some students are gifted with natural insects for some subjects, but they don’t realize it. Such students should go for the subject in which they are best even if they don’t find that subject very interesting.

Chances are that you will always like the subject that you are good at, but if you are in doubt then you should definitely go for the subject in which you are strong. Life will be much easier for you.

Hopefully, these points will help you to make up your mind on which stream to choose. You can ask us if you have any query in comments.

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