Data Assessment Officer | Jobs in Dubai, UAE by Taaleem

Key Accountabilities:

• Prepare and manage academic year start and end processes

• Assist the setup and maintenance of the School Timetable (EY, PYP, MYP, DP)

• Assign students and teachers to class sections and homerooms

• Setup and maintain when required new iSAMS modules for use (Parent Portal, Student portal, SMS communications and ECP)

• Create and maintain subjects/sets/timetables (EY, PYP, MYP, DP)

• Set up and manage user accounts and permissions

• Monitor user access and security

• Provide support to system users for attendance

• Provide support to system users for general tasks

• Provide support for sending messages and communication for parents

• Provide Data Reports and Class Lists to variety of user groups throughout the school

• Set up and maintain classes within PYP Digital Learning journals (Seesaw)

• Set up and maintain classes within MYP Digital Learning journals (OneNote)

• Maintain the organisation of the school calendar

• Assist Administrative Assistants with Reporting Processes

• Import of Assessment data (Taaleem assessments, IBT, Other standardized testing)

• Provide university counsellor with data entry support

• Undertake all liaison with external assessment providers

• Take a lead role in planning, development, design, organization, and monitoring of data within the admissions systems

• To work alongside the admin leadership, teaching and support staff to develop the uses of, and implementation of data systems, providing support for the effective use of admin data

• Prepare reports and presentations with statistical data, as assigned

• To contribute to the administration team ethos through demonstrating a flexible approach to undertaking tasks and responsibilities

• Provide all data requests to teachers, Subject Leaders, Senior Leaders, Heads of School and Principal

• Provide attendance reports regularly

• Support with IB Examinations administration and invigilation

• Support the school achieving its mission by supporting the work of the Admission Department and the Schools Academic teams

• Undertake all examination entries and amendments and to plan and manage all examination timetables

• Obtain and disseminate examination result and support secondary staff in the same

• Obtain, manage, analyze and disseminate all other external data; IBTs TIMMS PISA PT’s

• Obtain all relevant data for the SEF and work with Senior Leadership team in putting the data into a workable document for inspections

• Support by assisting in the compilation of letters, reports etc. as necessary

• Support the academic teams in tracking progress and attainment of students throughout the academic year

• Support the medical team with any specific data requests

• Any other school data requests


• Bachelor Degree in related discipline or industry standard qualifications and or experience


• Minimum of 3 years’ experience in a related role


• Ability to use IT (Excel Spread sheets etc.) to support all the data needs of the school

• Manage the examinations process so that all parties are well informed

• Have an eye for detail so that all relevant information is available

• Supportive of colleagues and keen to work as a member of a team


• Highly organized in processing information relevant to examinations.

• Ability to work under pressure

• Flexible and has initiative

Taaleem’s main activity is the development and management of early childhood, primary and secondary schools. With quality at the forefront of our offering, we tailor each project to answer the specific educational requirements of a wide range of families by offering top international curricula including British, American, the International Baccalaureate and our custom early childhood programme.

Taaleem, which means education in Arabic, is committed to inspiring students and helping them to identify and develop their passions and talents. We only recruit the best international teachers who are capable of delivering our international curricula in a creative and engaging manner.

Taaleem is seeking to raise the educational standards in the region. The combined experience of its core team of senior education leaders in international education policy, operations and global management best practices means Taaleem is well positioned to ensure the creative of truly exceptional schools that satisfy the most comprehensive and exacting education developmental requirements.

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