Deputy Director of Human Resources Department (نائب مدير ادارة الموارد البشرية at Al-Taknia for Telecommunication – Riyadh


Al-Taknia Telecommunication is seeking a Deputy Director of Human Resources Department  (نائب مدير ادارة الموارد البشرية). This is a hands-on leadership position which will provide comprehensive Human Resources support in the areas of: organizational effectiveness, employee relations, staffing, compensation, benefits strategy and administration, and professional development. – Specific responsibilities include: * Manage all human resources and personnel activities. * Manage and negotiate benefits, Implement and maintain HR polices and company procedures. * Manage outside staffing agency relationships, internal recruitment, and perform all new hire orientations.

Details job Description:

Preparing the monthly salaries, making the monthly entries, following up the changes on the employees’ salaries from increases and bonuses, any additions, deducting any deductions, and conducting other operations such as:

• Calculate leaves Settlement and following up the employee’s balance of vacations

• Calculate employee end of service benefits

• Introduce employee advances and monitor their deduction

• Extracting salary reports for all employees.

• Calculate the Over-time

• Calculate assignments

• attendance

Supervising and following up the completion of government transactions:

• Al-Jawazat (Muqeem website)

• Renewing workers’ residencies

• Issuing new Iqama

• Issuing exit and Re-Entry visas

• Issuing final exit visas

• Update passport data

• – Print Iqama – Print the necessary reports

• Making commercial visas

• Follow up the completion of Saudi Labor Office transactions for all branches.

• Knowledge of the Saudi Labor Law

• Issuing work permit payment numbers

• Issuing payment numbers for the purpose of the final exit

• changing career

• Transfer of Sponsorship

• WPS| Wage Protection System

• Saudization certificates

• Issuing Work visas

• Follow up the completion of transactions of General Organization for Social Insurance (Gosi) for all branches.

• Add / delete Employee

• Update wages monthly and annually

• Printing the necessary certificates and reports

• Print the monthly bills and follow up their payment

Supervising and follow up on employee relations and all employee transactions

• Transfer of employees

• Business trips

• Making the required letters and definitions

• Warnings and sanctions

• Flight reservations

• Participating in personnel cases, from preparing the documents required from legal affairs

• Helping employees in accomplishing some of their special transactions, such as (family visit visas).

Preparing the required monthly and annual reports regarding the human resources required from (department managers / internal auditors / the General Auditing / the Statistics Authority / the Public Investment Fund).

Supervising and following up the arrangement and organization of personnel files.

Supervising archiving of files

Familiarity with preparing all human resource Forms

Knowledge of administrative policies and procedures

Assisting the administration in achieving the goals and objectives of the company

in a timely manner and implementing policies and procedures.

• Responsible for working with the ERP- HR system

• Responsible for working with the Dynamics 365- HR system

•Accountable for monthly Payroll process by cross checking the payroll reports with the actual changes in remuneration in Infor ERP BAAN

•Generate Payroll Comparison Report to review accuracy of the salary changes and submit to HR Director for approval, requirements

•Responsible for the monthly Payroll Run through Infor ERP BAAN for all employees (400+ Employees)

•Generating monthly payroll report with postings to Finance which needs to be sent to Finance on a monthly basis

Calculated Leave Accrual and end of service benefits.

Orders exchange benefits for leave or other entitlements. responsible for all personnel files and save all documents related to staff their files.

check leave requests and ensure the balance of the employee.

Follow-up to all personnel actions in terms of traffic control procedures and benefits related to transport / loan / Mandate / annual increments / bonuses / annual reports / upgrade / types of vacations and supervision documented in records and forms prescribed and entered the system.

complete recruitment procedures following accreditation (such as processing of job offers and contracts – and recruitment models (direct labor – job application – a form detailing salary) and opening files for new employees and the introduction of all information and personnel data in the system.

Review staff entitlements collaborators from the reality match reports and entered into the system.

Enter and employment Aloutina registration in the social security system at the time of appointment Shatt deleted at the end of services and extracting account statements and reports.

writing letters of personnel.

making medical insurance for employees.

1- assisting the Department to achieve the objectives & company goals in a timely.

2- Calculating and managing payroll activities as per set service standards.

3- Keeping track of all changes to any employee compensation details during the course of the month.

4- Registering all increments, payments and deductions related to every respective.

5- Records employee information such as personal data, compensation, benefits, tax data, attendance, performance reviews or evaluations, and termination date and reason.

6- Coordinated interviews as and when required and maintained an assorted database of resumes for manpower requirements. Coordinating with the candidate ، assists in other employment all employees’ files and documents.

8- Prepare all kinds of HR activities and arranging Interviews.

7- Managing forms.

9- Prepare memos, circulars and reports.

10- performing any other work assign by senior management

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