Deputy Group Manager, Business Applications at Al-Sayer Group – Al Kuwait

Deputy Group Manager, Business Applications leads the development and implementation of IT Business Applications for smooth operations of all Al-Sayer Group (ASG) departments and act as an integration point with the Business. The responsibilities includes:


1. Recommend the Al-Sayer Group IT Business Solutions strategic plans and budgets, identifying the long-term direction for the IT Business Solutions function in order to support the Al-Sayer Group companies’ business plans. 

2. Identify the strategic trends in the business and IT Business Solutions field and ensure alignment with and implementation of best practices to set a state of the art IT function across the Al-Sayer Group. 

3. Participate in due diligence in order to assess the IT implications for mergers and acquisitions and recommend solutions.


1. Recommend, design, implement and oversee IT solutions in relation to business problems and/or processes to enable the business to reduce costs, improve efficiency and to ensure regulatory compliance.   

2. Analyze and provide recommendations for improvement of different Business Processes by leveraging existing IT capabilities, identifying improvements to existing IT capabilities, and define new strategic IT capabilities.

3. Establish Best Business Process models for ASG Group for optimum utilization of the IT Applications and to achieve optimum alignment of the automotive business and information systems.

4. Lead and Monitor ASG project management activities and all Business IT Applications related Issues.   

5. Lead the Research activities and develop integration of applications and solutions across all business units.   

6. Advise the Project management Function on new IT system implementations, integrations, upgrades and additional features, including supervision of projects being delivered by members of the Application Support team. 

7. Lead the Implementation of new modules and functionality/Reporting Requirements /Change Management, ensure validity, and complete related documentation.   

8. Develop contingency plans for critical Information systems.

9. Monitor the operation, maintenance, modifications and extensions in Information Systems in production and coordinate with administrators to assess effectiveness of the systems to ensure end user satisfaction.

10. Advise different business units regarding Status of Applications Implementation and provide regular updates on the progress of the Implementation to the executive management.

11. Liaise with all relevant functions of IT, business users and 3rd party suppliers to ensure that implementation/changes are managed effectively with a minimum disruption to the business.

12. Act as advisor to Finance Department including the production and presentation of the management reporting; Aid Users in providing analysis and Reconciliations in automotive Financial Operations.

13. Lead all technical and functional activities at macro level of all phases of the acquisition, delivery, support and monitoring of information systems.

14. Provide Recommendations to set the vision and standards for the IT Department.

15. Review and provide feedback on initiating and renewals of Hardware Agreements, Software Maintenance Agreements, Licensing Contracts and other related contracts necessary for the IT System of the Group.

16. Act as a focal information advisor on areas such as IT strategic planning, technology implementations and replacement as well as personnel administration.

People Management: 

1. Prepare the manpower budget pertaining to required staffing levels, training and development, internal mobility and succession. 

2. Identify objectives and KPIs, review the performance and potential of staff and make/approve decisions relating to appointment and termination, promotions and salary adjustments, disciplinary action, succession planning and development plans.

3. Ensure increasing levels of employee satisfaction and improve the efficiency of manpower. 

4. Make requisite attempts to handle all grievances raised by subordinates in a prompt and effective manner. 

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