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The digital age has brought lots of changes in the various fields like technology, marketing, manufacturing and even education. Education, which was mainly brick and mortar based, is now seeing a paradigm shift towards its digital form known as e-learning. While not much has changed, only the classrooms have converted to electronic screens and the white board has converted into a digital board and video explanations which are easy to acknowledge and provide a better understanding of the subject being taught.

What is e-learning?

E-learning is utilising the electronic technologies to get access to the educational curriculum outside of the traditional form of classroom. While online learning can be in many forms like via the internet, ranging from Distance Education, to computerized electronic learning, online learning, internet learning and many others. The eLearning are courses that are specifically delivered via the internet to somewhere other than the classroom where the professor is teaching.

The increase progress in technology and the advancement in learning systems through e-learning are now being embraced by the masses. Books are gradually getting replaced by electronic educational materials like optical discs or pen drives. Knowledge can also be shared via the Internet, which is accessible 24*7, anywhere, anytime.

Previously also we have discussed the various instruments that can help one in cracking the IES Examination, recalling all those pointers we shall see if one can pass the UPSC IES exam through e-learning.

Passing UPSC IES/ESE Examination with E-learning

The IES/ESE examination is national level examination held every year by the UPSC team, in order to test the technical knowledge of students appearing for the exam. The exam is conducted for mainly 4 branches: Electrical, Mechanical, civil and Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Considered as one of the toughest examination in the country, to crack the IES examination one is required to have thorough knowledge of the subject along with dedication and sincerity towards the exam.

The e-learning platform has provided students a great help in cracking the IES examination. Some benefits of e-learning are:

  1. Comfort of the house: e-learning save the students from the ordeal of leaving their homes and staying at a new place, look for house, food and all the basic necessities. With e-learning one can easily learn and study at the comfort of their house without having to worry about leaving their comfort zone and spending lots of money outdoors.

So one is not required to settle for some bad coaching institutes available in your city, instead the best coaching is now in your city thorough their e-learning platform.

  1. Lot of options to choose from: e-learning provides a great platform to choose from the many options available online. All the major coaching institutes have come online with their classes, instead of settling for platforms which provide courses for all the exams, you can now choose to learn from the best teachers that are available at e-learning platforms which have niche in the examination.

One is thus, not required to settle for an institute instead they can choose the one they wish to study in and join their e-learning classes at lesser fee and greater services.

  1. Flexibility of time: for e-learning one is not required to follow a fixed schedule and the online classes are available always and depending on your studying strategy and timing, you can take the online classes. Thus, one has the flexibility of classes which helps in better concentration and dedication.

Also with 24*7 accesses to the video lectures provided by various e-learning platforms, one does not have to fear missing out on any class, or lecture. The 24*7 access also allows one to revisit the lectures if they face any confusion later in the studies.

  1. Doubt clearing sessions: E-learning also allows you the option of doubt clearing with the faculty without having to be worried about other student’s judgement. With the doubt clearing session one gets a better understanding of the subject and clearer view of the subject on is studying. You can also attend classes, read the topic on your own and then attend the doubt clearing sessions for comprehensive knowledge of the subject.
  2. Live Classes: If you are worried that the e-learning classes are repetitive and recorded then you can also attend the live classes. The Live classrooms bring the essence of a physical classroom to the virtual environment. Apart from that through the live classes, you connect better with the educator and you feel part of the community. While studying alone at home can become lonely, these online live classes help you in overcoming that problem.
  3. Better understanding of the subject: e-learning platforms have evolves and grown to include various new technologies that helps them in helping the students understand the subject better. With animation, smart boards, videos the educators try to incorporate innovative ways in e-learning so that the students do not face any issue while studying for the IES Examination.

Research has proven that the human brain can easily remember and relate to what is seen and heard via moving pictures or videos.  A similar form of teaching is also applied in eLearning which hold the attention of the students and also help their brain retain the particular topic or subject for longer periods.

  1. NO chaos: Classroom learning requires one to come to class early, reserve the front seats, otherwise you may find yourself lost in the chitter chatter of the other students. With e-learning this problem is solved as there is no chaos. All you have to do is log in to your account through any electronic medium like phone, tablet or laptop and start studying the subject with just a click.
  2. Study with college or job: With e-learning the students who are either in college or working and also planning to crack the IES examination, they do not have to worry about quitting job or spending a year after college for preparation. Along with your college or job you can always register for MADE EASY Prime and continue your studies for IES.

e-learning saves a lot of time as all one has to do while on their way to work or sitting in the college library, is log into their account on their phone and start learning anywhere anytime. So now all the extra time that you have can also be utilised in studying.

  1. No uncalled disturbance: Similar to the present scenario, where due to a pandemic the educational institutes have been shut, e-learning is a great way of not letting this effect your IES Preparation. You can still continue you studies with e-learning and prepare yourself better for the exam in the extra time that has been provided.
  2. Smooth studies and best faculty: With so many benefits the preparation and studies for IES become smooth and easy with the help of e-learning. Also you can choose to study from the best faculty and get your hands on the best study material for IES through the e-learning process.

For the students who are in doubt about the e-learning, they must remember that e-learning is nothing but classroom courses being held at your home. So you do not loose on anything, instead you become more comfortable and at ease with e-learning. For eLearning all you need is a good internet connection and an electronic device like mobile, laptop or tablet.

E-learning has been used for a long time now in organisations for training purposes, and results have shown that they are more effective than the normal classroom training held earlier. Now that e-learning is coming in the education sector as well, it will create great changes and help the students in multiple ways.

The popularity of e-learning is growing every second as is expected to reach $275 billion by 2022. The various factors which affect this popularity are:

  • The Internet: With the increased reach of internet and availability of good and affordable internet services available, e-learning has become the latest norm.  The rise of the internet allowed organizations to abandon one-dimensional practices and utilize the flexibility of eLearning.
  • Development of Multimedia: E-learning provides the flexibility to integrate multimedia for learning purposes. You can use images, videos, audio and graphics which have proved to be a more reliable way of keeping learners engaged compared to traditional learning.
  • Affordable Digital Devices: e-learning is more affordable than traditional forms of learning. Almost everyone today has a smart phone and an internet, well that is all you require to start your e-learning course. Even the e-learning courses provided by institutes are cheaper than classroom courses thus more reasonable. Mobile learning also hugely facilitated the growth of eLearning.
  • Demand and Supply: While the students benefit from eLearning as it is affordable and comes at their comfort, the institutes are favouring e-learning as it cost less infrastructure and fixed cost and generates more student engagement.

For clearing the IES or ESE examination one is required to be dedicated and confident about themselves. If one has the dedication then whether it is online classroom classes, that would not matter, what will matter is how one utilises these resources to the best of their advantage.

So, if you too are someone who has been planning of writing the IES examination, this is a good time to start your preparation. With the e-learning option of MADE EASY you can now start your preparation in advance. Through e-learning you can utilise this time of pandemic to your advantage. While the dates of the examination are still to be revealed, e-learning will help you in getting started with your preparation in the comfort of your homes without worrying about anything else.

We wish all the students a best of luck for their preparation. We hope you all are healthy and safe.

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