Project Manager | Jobs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by A Leading Group In Saudi Arabia

• To evaluate the farm resources arid land use.

• To determine the relation of size of farm to land utilization, cropping pattern, capital investment and labour employment.

• To study the impact of technological changes on farm business.

• To find out ways and means for increasing the efficiency of farm business through better input-output relationship and proper allocation of resources among different uses.

• To manager,develop and strengthen the partnership with the local authorities concerned.

• Contribute through designing innovative, advanced and efficient agricultural machineries and equipments to increase productivity of the company.

• Developing and generating innovative strategies to increase production and improve quality of farm products

• Designing farming machines, developing irrigation routes and planning for harvesting cycles

• Working with farm professionals and agronomist to develop, research and design framing machinery

• Supervising mechanical systems and food processing plants

• Conducting test of agricultural equipments and machinery by making use design technologies

• Preparing reports, proposals and budgets for proposed system

• Designing recording and measuring devices to study plant life

• A degree in Agriculture, Engineering or a related field. Consideration will be given to project leadership experience.

• 5 – 10 years of experience managing projects, ideally in an educational, institutional or corporate setting, plus Strong project management skills.

• Knowledge of building systems, design and related management strategies.

• Ability to expedite complex projects, Initiative and ability to work independently and collaborative in teams.

A leading group in Saudi Arabia.

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